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Diarrhea is so common that most people experience it at some point — but if it happens on a regular basis or is severe, it’s time to see expert gastroenterologist Kevin Ashby, MD, in Foothill Ranch, California. Often, diarrhea is a symptom of a treatable gastrointestinal (GI) condition, such as irritable bowel syndrome. Book your appointment online or call the office nearest you to schedule a consultation.

Diarrhea Q & A

When should I see a doctor about diarrhea?

Book an appointment at Kevin Ashby, MD, if: 

  • You feel sick along with your diarrhea
  • You have bloody diarrhea
  • Diarrhea causes serious abdominal pain
  • Diarrhea lasts longer than 48 hours

Chronic diarrhea can quickly lead to dehydration due to the continual fluid loss. Dehydration can lead to drowsiness, dry mouth, constant thirst, confusion, and other serious issues like loose skin or sunken eyes.

Chronic diarrhea could potentially grow into a life-threatening illness, particularly if you have an immune condition, so it’s important to seek help.

What causes diarrhea?

Diarrhea has many possible causes, including:

  • Food poisoning
  • Parasites
  • Bacterial infection
  • Viral infection
  • Medication reaction
  • Chemical toxins
  • Lactose intolerance
  • Celiac disease 
  • Inflammatory bowel diseases
  • Irritable bowel syndrome
  • Colon cancer

Dr. Ashby can assess your symptoms, perform blood and stool tests, and use other advanced testing like colonoscopy or flexible sigmoidoscopy to determine the underlying cause of your diarrhea.

How is diarrhea treated?

Diarrhea treatment depends on its cause. Dr. Ashby may prescribe anti-diarrheal drugs or other medications to ease your symptoms as soon as possible. 

In many cases, diarrhea treatment incorporates lifestyle changes along with medical interventions. For example, you might need to make some changes in the way you eat. Some diarrhea sufferers benefit from a low-fiber diet.

If you have a disease, for example, an inflammatory bowel disease like Crohn's, you need treatment specific to your condition. This may include medications like biologics, immune system suppressants, anti-inflammatory drugs, and antibiotics. 

In some cases, surgery is the best path forward. For example, with ulcerative colitis, surgery to remove the colon and rectum is the only true cure available. Before you choose surgery, however, you might be able to manage symptoms for some time with medication.

Dr. Ashby can explain your treatment options and work with you to implement an effective diarrhea treatment plan. 

There’s no reason to suffer from the discomfort, pain, and frustration of chronic diarrhea any longer. Top California gastroenterologist Kevin Ashby, MD, is ready to help. Book your appointment with online scheduling or call the office today.

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